Ocean Front

 “Ocean Front”

I just love these bird houses. Robbie from the CT at Flying Unicorn did a U-stream earlier this month and this was her project. A mixed media altered birdhouse. I love the beach theme and decided to try my hand at that.

Birdhouse front

Here is the front, After gesso, I added some texture with some paste and stencil. Not the easiest.

bird house side

I added some texture on the roof also and decided to make some clusters and love the adornments from the store.

birdhouse back

Here’s the back of the house. More clusters and I added shells from our trip to the Cayman Islands.

Birdhouse side

This was fun and I will be making some more of these. I think Auntie Melissa might like one of these.

front close up

Here is some sand that we brought home. I love that this a reminder too of the fun we had.

roof close up

I hope you all enjoy. Thank you for stopping by.



one of my “walls of sedum”

Supplies Used:

Darice Birdhouse; Stencil: Kite Nouvea Fern, ColorBox Groovy; Stamp Stampin’ Up The Open Sea; Inks/Sprays/Paints: Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starburst Hydrangea Blue, Flat Fabio South Shore Sand, Prima Chalk Ink Dry Sand; Flowers: Mon Ami Gabby Mini Blooms Aqua, Peach and Bright Blue; Embellishments: Bottle of Sand, Seashells from Cayman Islands, Flying Unicorn Adornments Salt Life, Sea Merchant; Mon Ami Gabby Netting; Other Supplies: Golden Artist Molding Paste, Heavy Gel.

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One Response to Ocean Front

  1. Heather, your bird house is fantastic!!! I love that you themed it and added sand for a trip! What a cute idea!! LOVE your house! So glad that you enjoyed the show!! Thanks for sharing!


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